Noticias Externas

  1. Vestas has signed a 103 MW engineering, procurement and construction contract with New Zealand-based electricity generator and retailer Mercury. The deal will extend Mercury’s Turitea Wind Farm from 119 MW to 222 MW, improving the cost of wind energy and making Mercury’s first wind power project the largest wind farm in New Zealand. Situated near … Continue reading Wind energy in New Zealand, Vestas’ wind turbines for largest wind farm
  2. The associations of solar and wind power firms are protected associations against the modifications to the guidelines for the granting of the Clean Energy Certificates (CEL) that the real administration was made for the beneficiary of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). For the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE) and the Mexican Solar Energy Association (Asolmex), … Continue reading The Mexican Wind Energy Association rejects regulatory changes
  3. The Možura wind farm, Montenegro’s second largest, with an installed capacity of 46 MW, has been officially inaugurated. The EUR 90 million wind farm was put in operation by Montenegrin energy minister Dragica Sekuli? and Maltese energy and water supply minister Joe Mizzi. The Možura wind farm was built by a consortium of Maltese state-owned … Continue reading Wind energy in Montenegro, Možura wind farm starts operation with 23 wind turbines
  4. Over the past few years, states up and down the East Coast have jockeyed for position as America’s offshore wind leader. Massachusetts and Rhode Island were early movers, Maryland and New York have made waves, and Connecticut and Virginia made a big push earlier this fall. Now New Jersey is making its move—Gov. Phil Murphy … Continue reading New Jersey ups the ante on offshore wind energy
  5. Vattenfall and Microsoft have jointly developed a first-of-its-kind solution, providing customers a new level of transparency into their electricity consumption making it possible to go from year-based data to hourly based data on source of origin. The solution, 24/7 Matching, is being piloted at Vattenfall and Microsoft Headquarters in Sweden. The new 24/7 solution is built … Continue reading Vattenfall and Microsoft pilot world’s first hourly matching (24/7) of renewable energy
  6. The Philippines Department of Energy has granted PetroGreen Energy the right to develop the San Vicente wind farm in the Palawan region of the Asian country. PetroGreen Energy deputy chief operating officer Maria Victoria Olivar said the company will now proceed with feasibility studies to determine the commercial viability of the proposed project. She said: … Continue reading Wind energy in Philippines, green light for San Vicente wind farm
  7. Nexans will provide the 225 kV power export cables for Saint Brieuc, one of the biggest offshore wind energy projects in France. In the framework of the 115-million-euro contract, Nexans will deliver cables featuring innovative hybrid armouring. Nexans will also provide Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services for the wind power project. RTE France has … Continue reading Nexans contributes to France’s energy transition by connecting Saint Brieuc offshore wind farm
  8. Vestas has secured a 48 MW order from Kazakh developer TSATEK Green Energy LLP for the second phase of the Astana wind project, expanding the wind park from 52 MW to 100 MW. For this order, Vestas has developed a solution that includes 14 V117-3.45 MW turbines equipped with Vestas Low Temperature Operation. With the … Continue reading Vestas develops solution for 48 MW wind farm extension in Kazakhstan
  9. Enel Green Power España (EGPE), Endesa’s renewable energy subsidiary, has connected the 8-megawatt (MW) Reformado de Pena Ventosa wind farm to the network, which has meant an investment of 9.3 million euros. It is the first that goes into production of the three that the company finalizes in Galicia.José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, said that … Continue reading Wind energy in Spain, Enel Green Power connects Pena Ventosa Reformado wind farm
  10. By means of hydrogen production offshore wind power could play a bigger role in decarbonizing heavy industry. This is one of the topics Vattenfall executives will address at the leading wind energy conference in Copenhagen next week. The WindEurope Offshore conference in Copenhagen 26 to 28 November is the leading-edge, international conference for the offshore … Continue reading Lowered costs and hydrogen production in focus for Vattenfall at WindEurope Offshore wind energy conference
  11. The Aurora wind power project, which will involve an investment of around 450 million US dollars, is due to generate approximately 1.3 TWh annually upon completion, due by the end of 2020. The wind energy facility is Enel Green Power’s second wind farm in North Dakota and, once completed, it will sell its energy to … Continue reading Enel Green Power starts construction of 299 MW wind farm in U.S.
  12. A solar energy tech company founded by serial entrepreneur and inventor Bill Gross — and backed by investors including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates — says it has developed a way to create concentrated solar energy at temperatures hot enough to replace fossil fuels in industrial processes that contribute significantly to global carbon emissions. Heliogen’s commercial facility … Continue reading Company backed by Bill Gates claims concentrated solar power breakthrough
  13. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued the following statement applauding the release of the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act by Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA), Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means. The legislation includes an extension of the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) at 60% for five years … Continue reading Tax policy parity with other sectors critical to meet consumer demand for wind energy
  14. A study in which the Desertification Research Center (CIDE) participates has revealed that, after decades of weakening winds, these have been reinforced on a planetary scale, which has positive consequences for wind energy production. This study has been published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Climate Change, in which CIDE, a joint center … Continue reading A study gives hope to wind energy
  15. The planned 1-gigawatt (GW) wind farm could have up to 80 wind turbines of around 12 megawatts each. France wants to construct a wind farm off the coast of Normandy as the nuclear-dependent nation moves to expand power generation from renewable sources, the energy ministry said on Monday. The planned 1-gigawatt (GW) wind farm could … Continue reading France plans new 1 Gigawatt offshore wind energy in Normandy