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  1. The German market had its first day of 2020 with a negative daily price yesterday, February 16, thanks to rising temperatures, lower demand and high wind production. Spain broke its historical record of instant photovoltaic production twice last week and Germany’s daily wind energy production also set a record. This week, prices are expected to … Continue reading Wind power and photovoltaic production records in Europe
  2. The new coronavirus outbreak could have a significant impact on the wind energy industry in China, according to research by Wood Mackenzie. In a statement Monday, the research and consultancy firm said the virus — officially known as COVID-19 — had “brought much of China’s wind turbine component production to a standstill in recent weeks.” … Continue reading China’s wind energy sector faces significant impact due to the coronavirus, Wood Mackenzie warns
  3. ABB’s Power Grids business has been selected by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MHI Vestas) to deliver its WindSTAR transformers which will deployed at the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm. MHI Vestas has been tasked deliver 90 wind turbines for the wind farm and ABB’s WindSTAR transformers will be installed in each turbine. ABB’s high-performance WindSTAR … Continue reading ABB to deliver Triton Knoll transformers
  4. Vestas has secured a 39 MW wind farm order and a 30-year service contract from long-term customer Stena Renewables AB for the Riskebo wind energy project in the Hedemora Municipality in Sweden. The project will be the first in Sweden to leverage the EnVentus V162-5.6 MW wind turbine’s rotor size and high capacity factor to … Continue reading EnVentus V162-5.6 MW wind turbines for wind power in Sweden
  5. Europe installed 15.4 GW of new wind energy in 2019. Three quarters of this wind power was onshore wind farm, 11.8 GW, new offshore wind power was 3.6 GW. Europe now has 205 GW of wind energy. And it accounted for 15% of all electricity consumption in Europe last year. The United Kingdom (2.4 GW, … Continue reading Europe now gets 15% of its electricity from wind energy
  6. With hydro and thermal power stations at Kariba and Hwange largely failing to meet Zimbabwe’s growing appetite for electricity, renewable energy sources have been on a lot of people’s minds of late. There is a mounting body of evidence showing the damage to our environment caused by fossil fuels, which compels the country to take … Continue reading Zimbabwe must harness wind energy
  7. After several months of processing, the approval of the environmental license for the development of wind power projects in La Guajira was finally achieved. This news was produced today to celebrate World Energy Day. The wind farm will be located in the municipality of Maicao and will operate with 45 wind turbines, which will provide … Continue reading Two wind energy projects approved in La Guajira
  8. The variability of wind power is the main cause. In markets such as German and French, wind turbines production went up, while in the south of the continent it fell. On February 10 there was a record of instant photovoltaic production in Spain. In the fuel markets the bearish sentiment is maintained by the threat … Continue reading The variability of wind energy once again determined the behavior of market prices
  9. Renewable energies reached a capacity of 2004 MW (over an installed park of more than 2700 MW) and supplied 12% of the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI). The monthly energy generated in December 2019 had been 912.2 gigawatt-hours (GWh) and the almost uninterrupted ascent started in May 2018 continued. In the last month of last year, … Continue reading Record of wind power in Argentina
  10. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the US has released an open-source model for an offshore wind turbine developed in collaboration with the Technological University of Denmark and University of Maine. It was partially funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office. NREL designed the … Continue reading NREL unveils 15 MW wind turbine developed with DTU
  11. The Business Council for Sustainable Energy released its annual Sustainable Energy in America Factbook today, and the findings are striking—the 2010’s really were the decade renewable energy went mainstream. In fact, renewable energy generation increased by 77 percent between 2010 and 2019, transforming the way we power American homes and businesses. A clean energy transformation … Continue reading Renewable energy generation jumped 77 percent during 2010’s
  12. Soon to hit the market, auto-calibrating heliostat systems will cut capex, accelerate construction times and expand siting potential, suppliers told New Energy Update. As Concentrating Solar Power developers drive for lower costs, heliostat performance has become a key area of research. Heliostats can represent half of the capital costs of a Concentrated Solar Power plant … Continue reading Self-aligning heliostats arrive to slice Concentrated Solar Power costs
  13. A wind power project consortium has approved funding for the construction and operation of a 60 MW wind farm in the Ghoubet area, near Lake Assal in Djibouti. The consortium consists of Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Climate Fund Managers (CFM), FMO, the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank and Great Horn Investment Holdings (GHIH) and aims to … Continue reading Wind energy in Djibouti, first wind farm
  14. EU’s LIFE program recognizes potential of GE’s Green Gas for Grid (g³) to help significantly cut global greenhouse gas emissions. GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business (NYSE-GE) has been awarded €2.2 million through the European Commission’s LIFE climate action program to help fund the development of a sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)-free, 420 kiloVolt (kV) 63 kilo … Continue reading EU Funding Accelerates GE’s Development of World’s First SF6-free 420 kV Circuit-Breaker
  15. Both companies played an important role in the growth of wind energy in Uruguay. The alliance could also bet on the construction of solar power plants in the country. Uruguayan construction company Saceem is partnering with renewable energy developer Ventus to bid for contracts to build wind farms in Colombia.The strategic association, Consortium Saceem Ventus, … Continue reading Saceem and Ventus develop wind energy in Colombia